We had a chance to talk to Jon Favreau over the weekend about his upcoming Iron Man movie which hits in May as well as the rumored Avengers movie that he might just take the directors seat in. First off he told us that shooting has wrapped and they are now doing the final touches on Iron Man!

We just locked picture on iron man, but locking is different on this kind of movie since every day more shots come out of the oven and you cut them in. It is a real treat for me. I am used to only having dialogue story and characters to cut with. With Iron Man every day is like christmas morning a new shot comes in and we cut it into the mvie. You realize these movies could surivive without good actors and without good story because the shots are so compelling and done so well. The guys at ILM they did pirates and transformers and that stuff is spectactular.

The stuff between Robert and Gwyneth and Jeff Bridges is really great stuff. There was so much freedom in story telling because they always knew it would be about iron man and flying so i had no pressure on the scenes and had a tremendous amount of freedom to tell a story in a tone that im very comfortable with.

In a way it was really the most creative freedom I can remember having on anything and it works. It is a very very good movie and I think peoples expectations will be met. Although its changing now, but with superhero movies, they are expecting an experience they are not expecting quality. They have a good time without a great movie. So if you deliver a great movie on top of something that is spectaclar to watch you can deliver a great experience. Because of the caliber of actors that marvel allowed me to hire its really been alot of fun. its a very long process it will have been 2 years when it comes out in May

Needless to say we are all pretty damn excited for Iron Man and it is awesome to hear how excited Jon is about it coming to theatres. I have every confidence this could be for comic book movies what Sam Raimi was for SpiderMan… awesome! Before we wrapped up he also spilled the beans on whether he would want to take on the Avengers movie.

I would love to if the epxerience is as good as this. They still need to make a few movies because avengers has Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. I think they want a chapter for each character before they start playing with the idea of combining them. I think its very smart how they are cross pollinating the different characters like they have done in the comic book and now because they control all the characters they can do that free moving interplay that gives the spontaneous feel in the comics.

Look back later in the week for Sheila Roberts in depth interview with Jon for his other new project The Wild West Comedy Show starring Vince Vaughn. Of course we will bring you more Iron Man and Avengers updates as we get them!