rc Welcome to ReelComixWelcome! Some of you have already stumbled on our site and have been posting, contributing and hopefully enjoying yourself. We are very quickly moving forward with our site and wanted to take a minute and welcome everyone and explain what this site is all about. First off we are not a stuffy corporate site. We are also not really a fanboy site. We are also not exactly finished on the site. So dont mind any oddities. Oh and please refrain from calling ME an oddity icon smile Welcome to ReelComix

Myself I am a programmer, Luke aka Goon who will be contributing regular film updates as a freelance writer to this site is a movie junkie who also dabbles in comics. Eric Drumm who just jumped on board as a freelance writer has such distinction as having written for MARVEL. So we are not a corporate site. We are not a true fan site. we are a community of friends talking about comics. We thank you for joining us and hope you will choose to join our community.

We do not ever intend to compete with the many great news sites on the interweb. Although we will run news daily, as well as great columns for you to read, our key goal is interaction and community. We are building a community where we as fans ( you and me ) can interact, talk comics in a friendly and fun environment. Yes thats right we will take no prisoners and tolerate no trolls.

So on our site you will see previews for upcoming comics, the latest comic-movie news, coverage of events, lots of contests and most importantly YOUR opinions on everything! We will also dabble in other things like games, tech and things dear to our hearts and true to our passion of film and comics….but we will never stray far from Comic related goodies.

This site is not about us talking at you. This site is a place where yes we do talk at you but you also get to talk back at us. Tell us how you feel, react to what is posted as ‘news’ and have your own say in the day to day comic world through this blog. You will find lots of news on this site, trailers, and also columns all relating to Comics, Movies and a Mix of other things.

Hence where the name of the site comes from ReelComix = Movies (Reel) Comics (given) and a mix of things giving you…. ReelComix. Its awesome we know! Please make yourself at home, have fun, contribute, participate and know in the coming weeks and months we will be putting alot of time and effort into this community and you that chose to call us home. Hopefully you can already see how serious we are just by the fact that we are not even 2 weeks old and already we have some great loot up for grabs for you readers!