abomination comic Abomination.. Does he Deliver?The question has been brought up on the community forum as to whether the ABOMINATION character which was shown off in detail in the trailer is true to the Abomination of the comics. Some say nay, I say he does.

I think that the Abomination cgi work is fantastic and he looks like a tank, with nothing but killing on his mind. Definitely a very dangerous killing machine that will give Hulk a serious run for his money.

I would go so far as to say that the Abomination character in the film is truer to the comic book then the new HULK is. I find the new HULK very EMO and not so much true to the comic look as much as Ang Lees version was.

Dont get me wrong I expect this movie to be 100 times better, but must credit Ang Lee for his take on how HULK looks. What do you think on Abomination? Does he fit the bill or are they way off on how he looks? Compare the comic photo with the movie photo below.

HULK T1.0088 1 Abomination.. Does he Deliver?