Lets cover a couple things in this article shall we? First off lets talk about Incredible Hulk and the now confirmed rumor that Captain America does indeed appear in the film. The problem is its not in the theatrical version. The Captain was cut from the film according to Collider.com and will instead appear on the DVD and also in a new theatrical trailer which Universal is apparently going to try and cram out before the film hits theatres.

According to SOS Hollywood in an interview with the director the scene with Captain America had to be cut because the film is a family film and it would have scared the crap out of the little kiddies. Translation it woudl have made getting the PG13 rating alot harder. Although I do find it funny a movie this violent being called a film for kids.

Now for the huge news. Apparently not only will Captain America get his debut but the DVD will contain an additional 70 minutes of footage according to Collider.com that was cut from Hulk 2. That pretty much explains the holy shit face on Ed Norton doesnt it?

HULK T1.0036 Hulk 2 DVD Details: Captain America Cameo, 70+ Minutes Longer!