In part 3 of our profile of the characters in the upcoming Lego Batman game we give you a detailed look at one of my favorite villains from the Batman series, BANE.

  • REAL NAME: Unknown
  • OCCUPATION: Professional criminal
  • EYES: Unknown
  • HAIR: Unknown

Born a prisoner for crimes committed by his father, the child who would become Bane survived cruel solitary confinement in a Santa Prisca prison. During his long lonely years, he developed incredible powers of concentration, and, once released into the prison population, studied every book he could get his hands on. After nearly four decades of imprisonment, he was chosen for a military experiment with the drug Venom, which greatly enhanced his strength. Escaping, he sought out Batman to prove himself to the world by destroying the greatest specimen of mankind. Bane broke Batman, but the Dark Knight went on to recover and defeat Bane.


  • Master strategist
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Enhanced strength
  • Superior hand-to-hand combatant

Powers and Abilities:

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Bane has the ability to pass through toxic gases unharmed as well as super strength, which allows him to carry and throw huge objects.

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