With Doomsday just about to explode onto DVD its only fitting to make this go around SciFi hottie, Rhona Mitra. She is crazy hot and oh did I mention she is crazy hot? Best known for me for her role in Doomsday she plays an uber hot ass kicker who is perky throughout the whole film and enjoys spandex, rough times with cannibalistic men and oh yeah…. shes hot.

She also starred in Hollow Man as the really hot chick in the shower who gets molested by the Hollow Man! In the scene you get a look at a whole lot of Rhona and it alone is reason enough to go see the movie icon smile Scifi Hottie: Rhona Mitra Tragic scene but we all know Rhona would have kicked Kevin Bacons ass in real life!

Rhona also starred in SkinWalkers but lets just ignore that movie completely. Even Rhonas hotness couldnt save that piece of crap.

rhona mitra Scifi Hottie: Rhona Mitra

rhona mitra hollowman Scifi Hottie: Rhona Mitra