poster wonderwoman poster Wonder Woman Movie TalkProducer Leonard Goldberg talked to SplashPage about the long gestating Wonder Woman movie.

“We’re waiting for the script to come in,” says producer Leonard Goldberg (”Charlie’s Angels”), who’s working on the film alongside Joel Silver.

One rumored possibility: the Wachowski brothers (”The Matrix,” “Speed Racer”). “At one time, Joel [Silver] said they might have an idea. But they got diverted to another project [and] never followed through,” he said, before adding, “There may come a time when they will be focused on ‘Wonder Woman’ and may come up with whatever their take on it was. They’re certainly very talented guys. Their vision for movies — whether they’re successful or not — is always singular.”

Goldberg claims he and Silver haven’t started discussing the lucky lass who’ll play the super-powered Amazon royal, but notes, “I would go with a right unknown. People are not, in my opinion, going to come [to the theater] for the actress. They’re going to come for Wonder Woman.”

I have had a hard time getting excited about this movie. But I do think that Megan Gale who was cast to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie would be a great choice.