A photo hit the web this week and there has been plenty of flack and hate directed at the photo saying its complete B.S. but I wanted to share the photo and point out that yes…. Captain America does make an easter egg appearance in the dvd…. perhaps.

The fine film site FilmSchoolRejects posted a photo of Captain America and frankly it was hard as shit to make out what you were looking at. Resulting in alot of folks saying its a bunch of crap for publicity. I have taken the screenshot they took from the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD and blown it up and rotated it for you all.

For those saying its total crap since the DVD isnt even out till next week …. false again. Those of us in the press get early screeners ( myself included ) so yes … the photo it seems is legit and the Captain IS in the movie. Checkout the photo below. That said the scene appears at 2minutes and 25seconds of the alternate ending and to see it you have to be REALLY fast.

What I saw looked NOTHING like the photo below. Sure I could make out a dude in the snow ( maybe… its one of those you see what you want to ) but i definitely did not see a well defined shield like in the photo below. Maybe its from the bluray but its DEFINITELy not from the dvd version… either that or my HD tv sucks icon smile Captain America HULK Cameo on the DVD All I got was what might be a blurry dude in the snow for just about 1 second. The director did say that HULK and Captain meet in the snow when he did interviews last year for the theatrical release and it would seem this is as close to that as we are going to get. What do you think? Is it the Captain? Or is it not?

captain america hulk cameo Captain America HULK Cameo on the DVD