Time for another SciFI Hottie. This one is long overdue and easily one of the hottest yet. Inspired by the news earlier today that she will star in King of Fighters we have made Maggie Q our latest SciFi Hottie. She is the DEFINITION of beauty in my books and it is quite obvious the actress is a former model.

In doing some googling to find some images of her to include with this post I discovered Maggie Q has done quite a few nude scenes. So definitely dont go googling Maggie Q on an image search if you dont want to see her naked… ( Manhattan Midnight is one said movie ) Maggie tends to play the role where she is beating the hell out of people… and looking good while doing it.

 Scifi Hottie: Maggie Q

maggie q scifi hottie Scifi Hottie: Maggie Q

maggieq 1 Scifi Hottie: Maggie Q