ghostrider Nic Cage talks Ghost Rider 2What’s more exciting than a sequel to a comic book movie?  A sequel to a comic book movie that claims to be better than the first, and keep the original cast!  Ghost Rider 2 is on the slate, although it’s still a long ways off still being in its infancy.  Although HM reported that Cage has revealed some inside information about the films potential and some of its elements – or atleast what Cage would like to see!

Apparently, the fine folks behind Ghost Rider 2 are actively seeking a writer to ink the new script, and they’ll need to hire a director, or maybe both at the same time?  Well, the first movie had Mark Steven Johnson as co-writer and director - could he be brought back to begin working on the sequel?  He also co-wrote on Daredevil too…..hmmm, well cage said:

“Everyone is very busy. I know Mark has his own thing going on.  It’s up to the studio. It’s really in their hands.”

Not a very promising remark, but I don’t know if it’s a bad thing to not have Mark on board with this project.  Especially if the project add some of the elements that Cage would like to see added.  He did qualify his comments by saying that the project is still in the very early stages, so his answers were pretty speculative, but he did go on to offer something more concrete.

“It has to have that action horror element and go deeper into that if it were to happen and [it should] keep us asking questions. Keep it interesting on a philosophical level,” said Cage.

Well, it definitely sounds promising, maybe Cage should just write it and direct himself!  What do you guys think??