Chris Hemsworth the Australian actor who plays George Kirk has been cast to play Thor. This is an interesting casting choice and although Chris will have to pack on the muscles he does have the cut sharp jaw for the role.  Kevin Feige the big chief at Marvel Studios sat down with to spill the beans on the upcoming Thor movie and said they are already prepping scenes;

“But [director Kenneth] Branagh’s here, we’re prepping, and he’s put together some spectacular animatics already for our first action scene. We’re digging into the second and third now, and we are just embarking on a rewrite of the draft.”

I honestly never really got into THOR that much but I will give it a chance. I just finished watching Hulk vs Thor and boy was that a disaster. I am sure this live action THOR will be much better then that at least icon smile Thor is Cast its Chris Hemsworth

george kirk Thor is Cast its Chris Hemsworth