AWESOME news comes in today from Comic Con. Quite a few months back we told you that Dark Knight would be coming sometime in 2011 and the source was the producer Michael Uslan who revealed it to the Courier Post. Today during the press panel for The Book of Eli Gary Oldman was asked if he had any news on the Dark Knight 2 film and he told the fan who asked the question it will begin shooting next year with a release date of 2 years from now. So that is two people who have said Dark Knight 2 is well on its way. GREAT news!

One word to the wise on this report. Lets not forget when Michael Caine last year said in an interview that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the new Dark Knight 2 villain and that he would play The Penguin. Michael ended up being wrong…. when WB and Phillip both came out to say it wasnt true. So take it with a grain of salt.

The big debate now is what villains will appear in the seqel. So far speculation is on Riddler, Catwoman or Penguin with some big names being tossed around to star. Stay tuned for more

necg78 Dark Knight 2: Shooting Next Year