Superheroes have been used to sell us everything from Shoes to Peanut Butter over the last 50 plus years. Below you can checkout 10 commercials that have aired over the years featuring our favorite superhero’s including HULK, Captain America, Spiderman and more. Watch them all below.

McDonalds Marvel TV Commercial: This 1996 McDonalds commercial was used to promote the Marvel Superhero toys that were being given out in the kids happy meals.

Marvel Superheroes Got Milk Commercial: In this commercial encouraging you to drink milk Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and more are gathered to fight the good fight for milk.

Durex Superhero Condom Commercial: This commercial does not feature a comic book superhero but instead one made up. Its an entertaining commercial promoting condoms and their own brand of hero.

1978 Underoos SuperHero Commercial: This classic 1978 commercial was a delight for kids that wanted to have their own superhero outfit and also make the transition to a ‘big boy’.

1974 Superman Airforce PSA Commercial: The United States Air Force used the power of Superman to try and recruit young impressionable minds to get into the cockpit and soar like Superman.

1980 Superman Peanut Butter Commerical: Lex Luther and Superman are featured in this commercial for Peanut Butter. Lex Luther has Kryptonite but the tag line ‘nothing can keep Superman from his Peanut Butter’ sold a tub or two of Peanut Butter to kids in the 80′s.

Lone Ranger 1970′s Aqua Velva Commercial; The Lone Ranger and Tonto are featured in this classic old commercial. Even crime fighters have to smell good!

Superman & Seinfeld American Express Commercial: In this 2004 TV Commercial Superman and Jerry Seinfeld hit the open road to promote American Express in their classic Beatle car.

1980 Kid Power Shoes HULK Commerical: This 1980′s animated kids shoe commercial uses the power of The Incredible Hulk to convince kids that their particular brand of shoes will make them strong like Hulk! HULK SMASH!

Colgate Mighty Mouse Commercial: Mighty Mouse is at it again fighting tooth decay with Gardol from Colgate in this classic Black and White TV Commercial.