Kick Ass just hit DVD and earlier I was telling you how it completely dominated DVD & Bluray Sales. It was the #1 selling DVD and Bluray in its first week of release selling 1.5million copies. This lead me to thinking of my favourite wannabe Superhero Movies and unfortunately I can only think of 3 but all three are keepers and well worth checking out.

Number one on my list is clearly Kick ass since it inspired me to even start looking for ‘similar movies’. Kick Ass is a fantastic movie because of its writing, its casting and its skull fracturing score. Mark Millars Kick Ass is a great film experience because of a great combination of talents including its director who brought the comic to life, Henry Jackman for his absolutely awesome work on the score and of course a stand out cast. If you like your comic book movies with grit, gore and a ton of violence and wit then Kick Ass is the movie for you.

kick ass superhero 3 Wannabe SuperHero Movies Worth Watching.

Next up on my list is Mystery Men one of the funniest Superhero movies ever made. The premise is a group of middle aged men who ‘think’ they have super powers and set out in really crappy costumes to fight crime and in general get one hell of a beat down at the hands of local hoods, girl scouts and just about anyone with a heart beat. The Mystery Men are competing with a real Batman like superhero named Captain Amazing played by Greg Kinnear but things go from bad to worse for the Mystery Men when they take on the dangerous villain Casanova Frankenstein played by Geoffrey Rush and inadvertently put Captain Amazing out of commission.

Mystery Men stars Paul Reubens ( Pee Wee Herman ) Ben Stiller and William H Macy and is one of my favourite corn ball superhero movies of all time. Packed full of laughs, heart and action you are sure to love this movie if you enjoyed Kick Ass.

MysteryMen 32 3 Wannabe SuperHero Movies Worth Watching.

Last on my list is a newer indie release starring Woody Harrelson that I found out about only by fluke, DEFENDOR. Defendor is pretty much Kick Ass for a more refined and sophisticated audience. Its very dark like Kick Ass and it has elements of Mystery Men in the way the character fights crime but its a much deeper story with a moral message that sticks with you and a social message that makes you think. Woody Harrelson stars as Arthur Poppington a mentally unstable man who is out to find the evil villain ‘Captain Industry’. He fights crime in an entertaining getup using his arsenal of weapons which includes laundry clips, bee’s and marbles.

Defendor is an entertaining and action packed movie that packs a strong moral message that anyone is capable of making a difference even those who are not accepted by society for their perceived weaknesses. Defendor is a story of human tragedy which makes it much deeper then Kick Ass but its also equal parts laughs, action and wit which makes it comparable. Defendor is a great film that will entertain you, make you laugh, break your heart and leave you thinking about a deeper message.

defendor superhero 3 Wannabe SuperHero Movies Worth Watching.

What are your favourite wannabe superhero films? Share them with me in the comments.