cloverfield statue liberty 300x240 Cloverfield Sequel Still on the RadarMTV News recently talked with Let Me In director Matt Reeves and they were able to milk out a bit of information regarding the possibilities of a sequel to his 2008 monster movie Cloverfield. He did admit that he is quite focused on getting Let Me In to theaters and JJ Abrams is still very involved with his next mysterious work, Super 8, but a sequel to Cloverfield is still high on their priority list.

“It really isn’t the moment for [the sequel] to go any further than it has, but it continues to be a priority for both of us. J.J. is very immersed in putting together ‘Super 8.’ He’s… in pre-production and really, really passionately getting that together. And I’m passionately finishing ‘Let Me In.’”

Reeves alson reiterated the fact that Abram’s upcoming Super 8 has no connection at all to Cloverfield as many people have speculated.

On a side note, I was very impressed with what Reeves did with Cloverfield. He was a ble to take on older formula like a monster movie and add a whole new spin to it. He took the main focus off the monster and turned it over to the people in the film, which added a rather new thrill element to the film. I am also really looking forward to tLet Me In, as I am an immense fan of the original film; one of the best vampire films to hit the screen. If Reeves keeps this type of standard for his films, he’ll be around for a while.