tg041509 300x200 Eli Roth Confirms Thanksgiving MovieBack in 2007, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez gave us an incredible cinematical experience in Grindhouse, one of the most unique and amazing film ideas in many years. In between Planet Terror and Death Proof, audiences were treated with several “fake” trailers to satiate their blood thirst: Machete, directed by Robert Rodriguez, Don’t directed by Edgar Wright, Werewolf Women of the SS directed by Rob Zombie and Thanksgiving directed by Eli Roth.

As you may know, Machete has made the move from “fake” trailer to feature length film and is set to open on September 3rd. It looks as though Eli Roth will be taking his film idea to the next level as well, according to Cinema Blend. In an interview with Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend, Roth had this to say:

“I’ve been working on the script with my co-writer, Jeff Rendell, who plays the pilgrim in the trailer. And it’s me imitating Jeff’s voice [for the narration]. But Jeff has been working. I said that his deal is he has to work on the script while I’m promoting The Last Exorcism, and as soon as I’m done in mid-September he’s going to fly to California, we’re going to sit down, and bang out the script.”

Of the trailers that were shown, this was probably my favorite, with a close second being Werewolf Women of the SS (which Zombie has hinted at adapting as well). For those that need a reminder of the goodness that is Thanksgiving, here is a look at the original trailer. Kids, get your parents permission, because it’s a doozy!’