Alex Ross Justice League dc comics 2 300x198 Justice League Film Coming...With a TwistA few weeks back, WB announced that they needed to fill the tent pole void that the Harry Potter films have previously filled and the DC Comic super hero films would be filling said void. We already have the Green Lantern film in production with a release set for next year and the third Batman film in its beginning stages; as well as a rebooted Superman film coming. It was just a matter of time before they announced that a Justice League film would be coming.

Over at, they are reporting that the film is coming, but with a rather upsetting twist: neither Batman nor Superman would be included in the film. This from the article:

Though the film is still in it’s very, very early stages (no script has been officially worked on), actors are quietly being pursued to fill the roles. The big surprise is the team roster: Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. That’s right, folks, no Superman or Batman; at least not at first. The film will introduce the characters Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter to general audiences; since Green Lantern and The Flash movies would have already been released in theaters.

Obviously, Ryan Reynolds would be filling the role of Green Lantern, and the studio is actively and quietly searching for actors to fill the other roles. Other this new info, nothing has been released. I will say that no source for this information was given, so file this one under RUMOR for now.

Sadly, this actually makes sense. With Nolan being adamant about his “universe” not including other DC characters and his involvement in not only the Batman franchise, but now the Superman franchise, the pieces do fit together as to why the two iconic characters would not be included in the ensemble film. Does that make it right? Hell no! It’s like making an Avengers film with out Captain America and Iron Man. My only hope is the phrase “at least not at first.” This gives me a little bit of hope that maybe a second Justice League film would find its way to the big screen. Or it could be just me digging for gold that just isn’t there. If this proves to be true, prepare for a fanboy uproar of epic proportions.