kelly brook nude 300x198 Kelly Brook Nude Video from Piranha 3DIn my daily huntings for all things geek I came upon a new video for Piranha 3D Which clearly makes the point that this movie is going to be gorey, packed full of completely naked chicks and plenty of over the top b-movie madness. Honestly if they want to call anything torture porn this clip would definitely qualify since it mixes nudity and graphic violence all into one.

I found a clip that starts out with Kelly Brook swimming around with a friend naked as the days are long which segways into an extremely violent Piranha attack, nudity with gore combined and can be firmly summed up as … insane.

I am not going to embed the clip here but if you want to checkout the VERY NSFW clip click here. I can only imagine how awesome Kelly Brook must look in 3D but also how insanely gruesome the end sequences of the clip will look in 3D. Piranha 3D it seems is not at all for the faint of heart.