3364082127 7a8d80b2b3 300x199 Robert Rodriguez in Negotiations to Direct Deadpool

The LA Times is reporting today that Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City,” “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn”) is in negotiations to direct Fox’s “Deadpool” film. The project has been in development since “X Men Origins: Wolverine,” in which Ryan Reynolds (“Green Lantern) played the bow-slinging character, was released. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the genius action comedy “Zombieland”, wrote the latest script revision.

Even though it seems to be just negotiations, this would make sense for Rodriguez to take on. Barring “Machete” being a huge success, he’s hit a bit of a rocky streak. After “Machete” comes “Spy Kids 4,” so he could easily be looking for a tent pole, adult-oriented project to get him back in the public eye. I also think this is a great fit of source material and director. Deadpool has always been shadowed as this renegade character who, as Reynolds portrayed in “Wolverine” was a bit of a smartass. This spirit fits Rodriguez very well, so I wouldn’t be surprised, unless money becomes a problem for either party involved, that this deal goes through.

The next question becomes, after a director is found, is who will play Deadpool himself? The obvious choice is Reynolds, who I thought was pitch-perfect. However, would Warner Bros. let Reynolds play another superhero character? Sure, Chris Evans has done it by playing The Human Torch in the “Fantastic Four” films and now donning the stars and stripes as Capt. America, so it’s been done. But, from all accounts, the current continuity of “Fantastic Four” films might be dead, so who knows? It should be very interesting to see this property move forward.