Lets be honest when it comes to hit chicks that are Geeks Olivia Munn gets all the glory but she is not by any stretch the only hot and credible geek out there. Nor is she the hottest. This is my look at the 5 hottest Women of Geek and I am confident that some of them you have probably never heard of.

#5: Natalie Del Conte: Natalie is a host on CNET and has written for a variety of tech blogs including Wired and Techcrunch. The only thing second to her beauty is her deep knowlege of all things technology.

natalie delcount 5 Sexiest Women of Geek

#4: Jessica Chobot: Jessica Chobot first came to my attention when I bought an XBOX360 and started watching her IGN videos and tips for your favorite Xbox games. Her first big attention grabber in the geek world was when a modeling photo of her licking a psp hit the web and made geeks everywhere stir.  She is an on camera host for IGN and is also a staff writer. Her girl next door beauty and gaming knowledge land her at #4 on the list.
chobot psp 5 Sexiest Women of Geek
#3 Andrea Feczko:  Andrea Feczko lands at #3 on the list. She is the definition of a tech goddess and also the only blonde on the list. I swear I have nothing against blondes but I certainly do have something for brunettes, especially those that lick their favorite game gadgets. Andrea Feczko is host and producer for BarelyDigital.com and below she showcases barely any clothes. She has a which I encourage you to go checkout and become her ‘friend’.
Andrea Feczko1 5 Sexiest Women of Geek
#2: Olivia Munn: You all knew that Olivia Munn was going to make the list and many of you probably figured she would be number one but nay billy. She lands at #2 on our list for her job co-hosting G4 Tv’s Attack of the Show. Bluntly I preferred the show when Kevin Rose hosted it and it was alot less about sex appeal and ‘edge’ and more about the tech we love. That said the addition of Olivia Munn not only shot her to fame but also made geeks everywhere smile with delight. Especially considering how often she likes to do erotic photos for FHM, Maxim and the many other mens magazines.
olivia munn bikini 5 Sexiest Women of Geek
#1: Morgan Webb: Morgan Webb makes the number one spot because of how hot she is and how she really seems to not realize it. I have no idea what she is like in person but on XPLAY which she co-hosts with Adam Sessler she glows with geek goodness and drips in sex appeal. Built like a greek goddess and as smart as a greek theologist she makes the number one spot because of her under played hot factor and the fact she does the show with her girl next door attire and doesnt try to slut things up to increase her exposure and fame. That said Morgan Webb has done some of the hottest spreads in mens mags that geeks could ever hope for.
morgan webb sexy 5 Sexiest Women of Geek
morgan webb sexy1 5 Sexiest Women of Geek