Superman 194x300 Aronofsky to Wrestle Superman?Darren Aronofsky has taken on wrestlers, dreams and fountains and soon will be releasing The Black Swan. But how about a man who wears his undies over his tights? The LA Times has reported that the acclaimed director has met with Superman: Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan in regards to directing the much-hyped movie reboot. Nolan, who re-invented the Batman franchise with his films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, is “godfathering” the project and producing the David S. Goyer written film.

Aronofsky, who has brought us many acclaimed films, including A Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler would be a very intriguing selection for the project. He definitely knows how to bring the drama to the screen, as well as a nice touch of action to films. He is not the only name being mentioned. Such names as Zack Snyder, who has since said that he turned the offer down, and Let Me In director Matt Reeves have also bee tossed around.

The project is currently working under the title of  Superman: Man of Steel, is hoping for a December 2012 release. No word on who will be donning the red and blue tights for the reboot, but many are hoping that Brandon Routhe will get another chance to play Superman, as his last go-round in Superman Returns was less than stellar due to his guidance by director Bryan Singer.