Jon Hamm 300x180 Jon Hamm is The Next Superman?According to ThinkmcFlyThink the studio is looking to an interesting choice to play Superman in the upcoming Christopher Nolan reboot.

Crediting un-named sources ( so treat this as a rumor at best )  they say that the studio is intersted in Mad Men star Jon Hamm donning the cape and tights to play Superman. Honestly this is both an odd choice and a fantastic one. It is an odd choice only because Jon Hamm is older then most actors they have been discussing playing the role including CHUCK star Zachary Levi.

The fantastic part is if you look at who is doing the project the potential for a fantastic Superman movie increases with an older actor. I am not saying Jon Hamm is a geezer but with David Goyer and Christopher Nolan at the helm doing the reboot we can possibly see something truly amazing and darker in line with what they did with Dark Knight and Batman Begins. What do you think good choice?