The Sun is reporting that Megan Fox will don leather and star in the upcoming sequel to Christopher Nolans DARK KNIGHT as Cat Woman. Frankly I highly doubt The Sun has gotten this right anymore then they have any of their past scoops.

The Sun reports that Megan Fox will follow in the foot prints of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle bery but will bring  a slightly darker edge to the films in playing Selina Kyle. What do you think is Megan Fox as Catwoman a good call? I am not sold but certainly she brings alot of sex appeal. The Dark Knight is slated to begin shooting next year with the villains still unknown but Catwoman and The Riddler are two names that have come up often.

Update: this rumor is as expected complete BS but at least the fan made poster below of Megan Fox as Catwoman is cool1 icon smile Megan Fox to Play Catwoman in Dark Knight Sequel

megan fox catwoman Megan Fox to Play Catwoman in Dark Knight Sequel