So Lindsay Lohan had a really memorable role in Machete basically playing a caricature of herself. As much as Lohan is in the news of late because she is a complete mess I thought that it took serious balls to play a role so close to home in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. In the film she plays a drug addicted twenty something with a conflicted relationship with her drug dealer father. One of the big draws to the movie were rumors that Lindsay Lohan had a nude scene in the film and although she had a body double turns out she IS nude if your quick enough to catch it. I for one am clearly a pervert because I caught it.

In the video below we will examine Nipple Gate where Lindsay Lohan boobies are revealed for all momentarily. This is the only actual scene of Lindsay Lohan naked the pool scene where she is ‘naked’ with Alicia Rachel Marek who plays her mom is a body double. Watch the video below and you tell me … do you see a little something something? Obviously the clip below is NSFW and contains nudity!