Here at ReelComix, we recognize that men seem to get the spotlight in the news stories, so we like to buck the trend so-to-speak and bring the women to the forefront and give them the respect they deserve. So, why don’t we take a look at ten of the hottest women in the comic book world. I think it goes without saying that there is no lack of subjects to choose from, but looks aren’t the only thing that make these women top of their game. These are some of the most powerful,  intelligent and skillful  gals to ever grace the pages of our beloved comic books and graphic novels. So with out further ado, here are your Top 10!

10 – Storm: Even before Halle Berry took the role of Ororo Munroe and added a new level of hotness, she was considered to be among the most respected characters in the Marvel mythos. She is powerful, smart and very capable of holding her own against the many foes of the X-Men. She is not without her weaknesses, which has proven to be her downfall at times.

storm x men 1024x640 The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

9- Rogue: One of the biggest complaints we hear about the X-Men films was how the character of Rogue was handled, or more appropriately, mishandled. Rogue is power incarnate, but she is also not afraid to admit that she has her faults. And the more she absorbs, the larger the problems become.

x men rogue The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

8- Mystique:This woman will take your name and kick your ass all while wearing the biggest grin you’ve ever seen. She is dark and dangerous, talented and smart and most importantly…deadly. Being a shape-shifter allows her to be anyone you want or anyone you fear.  The fact that she is blue is pretty much a non-issue.

mystique x men The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

7- Elektra: Having a thing for brunettes, adding Elektra to this list was a no-brainer. Aside from that, Elektra is a person who you shouldn’t take lightly, as her looks can be deceiving. She is fast and brutal and not afraid to stand her ground.  She is the hottest thing to wield the sai’s sings Raphael from the Ninja Turtles.

elektra04 The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

6- Black Widow: Was I the only one disappointed to hear Scarlett Johanssen not using a Russian accent when she appeared in this year’s Iron Man 2? Black widow exudes sex, but like several others featured on this list, her looks will deceive you. She is an excellent marksman (or marks woman, I should say) and an extremely talented hand-to-hand fighter.

black widow year one The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

5- Jean Grey/Phoenix: To label her as unstable would be the understatement of the century. She has come a long way since her days as one of the original X-Men, evolving in to one of the most, if not the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. She can tear you apart with just a thought and not even break a sweat. The only advice I can give is to stay on her good side. But what a hot red head!

Jean Grey The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

4- Power Girl:Not sure I need to say much here. She has some incredible…talents and knows how to wield them. Being the cousin of Superman is never a bad thing either. She has a very aggressive fighting style and the strength to back it up. I think Roddy Piper said it best: “I came here to chew gum and kick ass; and I’m all outta gum.” Did I mention that she has huge…skills?

power girl 04 variant cover 674x1024 The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

3- Emma Frost: This woman gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “getting into your head.” She is one of the most powerful telepaths out there and is not shy about using her powers. Sometimes good, often times bad, she has proven to be both a great ally and as great foe for the X-Men. She took the place of Jean Grey after she disappeared, but that was short lived.  Aside from the telepath talent, she has the ability to turn her skin to diamonds…never a bad thing, right?

uncanny annual 2009 1024 The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

2-Catwoman: Ignoring Halle Berry’s atrocious attempt at portraying the character, Catwoman has always been a poster child of sexiness. How she moves, how she talks, all of it is just sex. But she is not only that, but one of Batman’s greatest enemies…or allies…no,no…enemy. Wait! no, Lover! No matter how you look at it, she has always been and always will be a part of the Batman mythos and I am very grateful for it.

CatWoman The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

1-Wonder Woman: The fact that she can go toe-to-toe with Superman and hold her own is a statement on it’s own. Add to that the incredible looks she possesses and you have yourself a chart topper. Even outside the comic book pages, Diana is an icon among women around the world, inspiring women to be powerful and beautiful. Putting her on the top of this list was an easy decision. I can think of another other woman in the comic book world who has the staying power of Wonder woman.

nicolawonder The Hot List: Comics 10 Hottest Women

And here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t quite reach the list:

  • Psylocke
  • Sue Storm/Invisible Woman
  • Super Girl
  • Wasp/Janet Pym
  • X-23
  • Sage
  • Lois Lane