killer croc batman 3 villain 232x300 Killer Croc the Next Batman Villain?I think that most Batman fans are anxiously awaiting more news regarding the third, and final, film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. So far, all we really know is that the film is happening and that some of the filming will be happening in New Orleans. Which brings me to my topic. Upon hearing that they would be moving production to Louisiana, instead of staying in the Chicago area as with the previous two movies, many just believed it was for the great tax credits that they would receive. Much like th recently wrapped Green Lantern film.

But, once you think about it, there is a certain character that once seemed a long shot in the Batman rogues gallery, that took a big climb to the top of the potential villain list: Killer Croc.  Here’s how Cinema Blend put it:

A few days ago, comics writer Mark Millar “Oh, wait. Con gossip: I know who the villain(s) are in Batman 3 and the big scene outside Gotham sounds awesome. Totally timely locale.”

Obviously he didn’t just come out and say it, but can you think of another prominent Batman villain that would fit in so well with a Louisiana location? Millar followed that up with a reading, “One of the villains is from my favourite childhood run on the character. Again, very unexpected.”

Millar would’ve been about 13 when the character of Killer Croc first appeared, so it’s debatable but still totally possible that Croc would fit into that timeframe. Regardless, this rumor really only has Mark Millar to go on, so it comes down to whether or not you believe him. It’s still an interesting possibility though, and one worth discussing.

Now, having said that, Croc is not the only baddie with a history of living in swampy areas. The one and only, Solomon Grundy (who was born on a Monday) once called the murky wetlands home. (For more on this possibility, check out my Solomon Grundy Needs Some Film Love article). Both of these characters seem to be a bit of a stretch for the “Nolan-verse” of Batman, as he has tended to keep thing quite grounded as far as characters go. So villains along the lines of Black Mask and Hush seem to be more likely. Many fans would like to see the Bat take on more of a physical threat rather than the intellectual route again. You never know, however. Bing that this will be the last film in his run, Nolan may pull out all the stops and bring the goods here.