hugostrange 212x300 Tom Hardy as Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight RisesLast month, I reported that Tom Hardy had been cast in The Dark Knight Rises, but it was for an unknown role and little else has been reported on the subject, aside from much speculation. Today, Batman-News received a tip as to who Hardy would be playing in the upcoming Bat-Film.

“I’ve heard that Tom Hardy is in fact going to play the villain. My source strongly believes that Hardy is going to be playing Hugo Strange. This is the first bit of information from this person that I’m publishing, however they have been accurate in the past.”

He goes on to say that the soucre was also correct in saying that The Riddler would not be involved with the movie as well as his tip regarding Rachel Weisz and Anne Hathaway were both vying for a role in the much anticpated film.

If this is true, it is a ver interesting choice for both casting and a villain. Professor Hugo Strange was one of Batman’s earliest villains. He first appeared as a traditional “mad scientist” creating evil machines, eventually moving on to create monsters out of test subjects to do battle with the Batman. Strange eventually becomes obsessed with Batman, even going to the point where he starts dressing up like him. He is also a master in hand to hand combat.