anne hathaway nude 300x199 Anne Hathaway NSFW Clip from HavocSo no sooner is Anne Hathaway announced to play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and the internet is ablaze with chatter on whether she can play the role. Before going any further I want to point out the clip below featured nudity and a sex scene between Anne Hathaway and her co-star in Havoc. So turn back now if your disturbed by nudity!

For me Anne Hathaway is best known for her wholesome role in the Princess Diaries and frankly I have not really known much of her career outside of that. I doubted that Christopher Nolan and crew cast her based off that movie and then I noticed the murmuring about a film she did called HAVOC. I have no idea where this movie was released but if you thought Anne Hathaway was to tame for the role of Catwoman then checkout this clip from Havoc. Its is a sexually charge and highly erotic sex scene that shows that if like me you are so narrow minded as to think she can only do Disney man oh many are we both wrong.

As noted this is a not safe for work scene and shows Anne Hathaway having sex with a co-star. So yeah .. dont look if your offended by boobies!