So you know I am off my game when I completely miss that former G4TV hottie is on the cover of Maxim.. much less stirring up some serious controversy. The photo which you can see below has angered parent groups because of the transparent under pants and the complete lack of imagination needed when it comes to how Olivia Munn grooms her.. umm… what would Jersey Shore call it.. oh wait i dont like that anymore then I do Olivia Munn these days.

Olivia Munn was a fantastic host on G4TV but she has spun her 15minutes of fame as a great host into a tits and ass show for mens magazines and that for me my friends has taken the luster off her career. We have Megan Fox… we dont need another. Checkout the image below and you tell me.. controversial?

olivia munn maxim 729x1024 Controversial Photo: Olivia Munn Maxim Cover