First it was the dude in India building a real live, street-worthy Batmobile, and now a man in China has built his own home-made version of Megatron from Transformers.  Basically its a giant tank made out of what looks like sharpened pieces of pretty thick scrap metal and with something like tank artillery in the center.  This bad boy ways 5 tons (more than 10,000 pounds) and, if the builder actually paid money for the steel to make this thing, it makes sense that he lives in China because that much steel would not be cheap in a Western country.

The manlives in the city of Huizhou in China and I suppose either has a lot of free time on his hands or lives adjacent to a junk yard that gives away free stuff.  Nice work, dude!  It seems that the Megatron tank is not functional yet (i.e. does not actually move and is not really a robot alien), but who knows?  I think there’s “more than meets the eye” with this thing.  Don’t you?  (via blastr)