It did not take long for the trailer for Dead Island, a video game about an island full of zombies, to become a viral hit on the Internet and the developers are not wasting any time, as reports suggest that a search for a writer to pen a screenplay for the movie adaptation has already begun.

The video game has not even been released yet, but sources at Deadline are already reporting that a film is in the works.  Indeed, the game does not drop until November, half the year away, and already Hollywood deal makers are already In fact, reports suggest that Sean Daniels Company and Union Entertainment acquired the rights to the film more than one year ago, correctly guessing that the game would generate a fair deal of buzz and hoping that fans might turn out to see the movie.

According to Deadline: “The film will follow a Memento-like storyline although the video game does not.”  You guys remember Memento, right?  That was the psychological thriller starring Aussie Guy Pearce where the dude ends up being a murderer or something at the end.  In any event, it looks like we will be hearing a lot about Dead Island in the future.  We will keep you posted!

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