A couple of days ago a picture from the shooting of Dark Knight Rises was leaked to geeks everywhere from Nolanfans.com, causing a great deal of buzz on the Internet.  The picture appeared to show the entrance to infamous Gotham sanatorium, Arkham Asylum, but now fans are saying that the image may actually be from an old set for Batman Begins.

Frankly, I do not recognize this image from Batman Begins and it looks to me like this may be an entirely new construction from the upcoming film.  Dark Knight Rises promises to be the most groundbreaking yet as it will feature British Actor Tom Hardy as iconic Batman villain Bane as well as Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in as yet unnamed roles.

Indeed, the plot of the film has not officially been announced yet, but insiders analyzing hints from director Christopher Nolan early on suspected that the movie may be inspired by Batman story arc Prey.  This no longer seems to be the case, leaving fans wondering about what the plot will be.

Even more speculation surrounds the possible actresses being tapped to appear in the film with rumors circulating that Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley were being considered.  Although the casting of Anne Hathaway in the film caused this buzz to die down a bit, I am still holding out hope that Nolan will find a role for Jessica Biel!

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Is This Image From 'Dark Knight Rises'?