lara croft tomb raider 1 280x300 Lara Croft Tomb Raider Remake ComingThe Tomb Raider series of films helped to launch the career of actress Angelina Jolie, now one of the biggest names in Hollywood and one of the biggest draws for moviegoers in American theaters.  Grossing over 400 million USD worldwide, the films were also a huge moneymaker for the studio until the franchise suddenly flatlined after the second film.

Well, producers still think the franchise has what it takes to be a viable enterprise and draw fans to theaters.  The films, as we all know, were based on the Tomb Raider series of video games (first released in 1996), one of the most popular series in gaming history.  In my humble opinion, it was only natural that a studio decided to give the franchise another shot and, according to Deadline Hollywood, a production company has bought the film rights to Tomb Raider with plans to release the first film sometime in 2013.

Square Enix owns the rights to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider and recently sold the movie rights to GK films.  The question that everyone wants to know the answer to is, of course: “Will Angelina return to the franchise?” It is too early to say, but if she were to come back I would wager a guess that it would be in the form of a cameo and not in the starring role, unfortunately.  Are you guys excited about the reboot?    Wait, never mind.  I know you are.  You have to be!