robocop remake 300x200 Robocop Remake Finds A Screenwriter in Josh ZetumerIn the last few weeks, most of the Robocop news has been fixated on the Robocop statue that may or may not be going up in Detroit (all depending on whether or not Mayor Bing of Detroit gets his way and is able to block the statue’s erection), but lately there has been a flurry of Robocop movie news.

Last week, there was news that director Jose Padilha might be at the head of a future Robocop remake.  Tonight, Collider confirmed that Padilha had in fact signed on to the project, but also that the studio has found a screenwriter in the form of Josh Zetumer, a writer with completed screenplays under his belt, but no released full-length films.

According to the site, Zetumer was involved with Peter Berg’s prospective Dune remake, but the sceenplay never went anywhere as the project was shelved.  I don’t know, guys.  A Robocop remake could either be really great or terrible.  Robocop (1987) is such an 80s movie that it may not translate well to modern audiences.  I still remember my classmates pretending to be Robocop in the 6th grade.  Ah… those were the days!  We’ll keep you posted.