Madhouse has produced two Marvel Comics anime series so far, Iron Man and Wolverine, and their third installment is slated to be the X-Men Anime, which is due for release in about a month.  Here on ReelComix, we have reviewed the episodes of Wolverine that have been released so far and we are more than up to the challenge of reviewing the X-Men Anime, but what exactly is going on in the picture below?

Let me get this clear from the get go.  No one is more excited about the new X-Men Anime than I am.  In fact, I am more than happy to invest in an X-Men anime tattoo in a secure/hidden location, but that all depends on how good the series is.  Couldn’t we get a slightly cooler Cyclops and/or Beast?  Why does Cyclops always have to look like Captain Lame-O in every cartoon he appears in?  That being said, I have not given up on this series yet.  The new Thundercats images were not the greatest either, but there is no question that I will be watching that like my life depended on it.  Check out the image below and check back here for updates! (via Topless Robot)

xmen anime 1 Superhero Makeovers Courtesy of the X Men Anime