Almost two months ago, footage from the Tron Legacy 5-disc Blu-Ray DVD set including a long clip rumored to be from Tron 3 was leaked on the Internet causing a huge stir in geekdom.  The suspicion that the footage was from Tron 3 was raised even further when the clips were taken off of YouTube within 24 hours of being posted.

Now, another clip has popped up, using the same “Flynn Lives” theme that was featured in the last series of clips.  This clip has sent Tron fans into a flurry of blogging and … well, whatever it is that Tron fans do to show that they are excited… and it’s only natural that we let our readers share in the collective joy.

The Tron Legacy Blu-Ray Set drops in stores next week and is available on Amazon as well.  (via Topless Robot)