Hold on to your pantaloons, ladies and gentlemen, because the trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Stan Lee’s The Governator has hit the net.  [Geez, you think I would know how to spell 'Schwarzenegger' by now].  As you all know, the Governator is a collabo between Stan Lee and Arnie and will consist of a comic book and a cartoon, and I would not be surprised if there was a movie planned in the future as well.

Although it is great to hear Arnie’s deep Austrian voice in a role again, the animators have some tidying up to do because right now the trailer looks like a Cartoon Network spoof of some of the bad cartoons of the 90s.  Arnold’s character looks blocky and constipated.  It looks like his head is trying to detach itself from the rest of his body.

Anyway, assuming the animators can get their collective act together, this may actually be decent.  I like the premise: now that he’s retired from politics, Arnie can devote himself to his true passion of fighting crime.  Frankly, Arnie will need a little more than this to revive his career since he’s been away for so long, but it’s a start.