o green lantern movie logo poster revealed New Green Lantern Trailer!

The folks at Warner Brothers and DC Comics, in order to dispell the idea of the film having bad graphics, have inundated fans with new posters, banners and movie clips and trailers as of late. Most of these have featured images and clips that we have previously seen, but now comes a third feature trailer that shows off more of the origins of the Green Lantern Corps and its on-going battle with Parallax. There is some new footage included, as well as some things we’ve previously seen. Take a look and we’ll talk after.


I am excited tot see this movie, but the sheer amount of CGI in this film has me a tad worried. When working with CGI, typically you include it only when necessary and you do so in a way that you cannot tell the CGI is there. Here, they have created, in a way, a computer animated film, and inserted people; kind of the opposite they have done in films like Alvin & the Chipmunks and the upcoming Smurfs movie. Hopefully I am proven wrong and this is one of the best films of the summer. What do you guys think?