marvel poster captain america thor iron man and hulk Marvel Studios Still Considering Short FilmsLast year, it was rumored that Marvel Studios was looking to get into the short film business to highlight some of its lesser known characters and place them before the feature films that get a theatrical release. Those rumors were later debunked by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, but he did say that they “liked the idea.”

Now, a year later, those rumors have resurfaced and there is reason to believe that two shorts have already been filmed, both featuring Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, which are to be featured on the special features of the Thor and Captain America DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s when they are released.

Over at FilmSchoolRejects, they also mention that no information on which characters will be featured in the shorts, but if they are successful, it will help determine if that character should appear in future films, possibly even their own feature film.  As the article states, Marvel would model this idea after Pixar.

The future of Marvel movies could bring us one-off adventures with some very cool characters before the main attraction begins. Again, nothing is set in stone, but Marvel appears to be dipping their toes in the short film waters to see where it takes them.

This may be the only chance we get to see some of these characters on screen, and if this is what it takes, I’m all for it. I love the idea and it’s a great way to gauge how a character is received by fans and general audiences. We’ll have to wait to see if this actually moves forward as we have yet to get any confirmation from Marvel Studios.