Last week, we got a good look at the newly updated Superman suit for the upcoming Man of Steel film. One of the biggest things we saw was that Superman had lost his iconic red trunks and yellow belt. The suit seems to be modeled after the designs from JJ Abrams’ Flyby, which is a much more modern and stylized get-up, which is a perfect fit for a director like Zack Snyder.

We now have new images (via comicbookmovie) of Henry Cavill donning the new suit and we get to see much more detail. Despite Cavill getting quit fit for the role, the suit does have some muscle padding, which is fine by me. I like the look for the most part, but I’m not sure about the detailing on the side of the torso. You also get a great look at the cape, which seems to be a much longer version of what we’ve seen in the past. Take a look and comment below!