Deadman Deadman TV Series ComingOf course with Smallville going off the air CW has made it a priority to pick up another super hero themed show. According to Deadline they have made that decision and it will be Deadman. I was a little surprised by this choice considering that he is not a mainstream character, even I don’t really know much about him. The series should be in good hands all things considered since Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is writing and executive producing.

In case you are like me and never followed Deadman much he is the spirit of a murdered man, Boston Brand, who lives on as he inhabits other people’s bodies and helps them solve crises in their own lives or thats the direction that CW is taking with him. Whether this series will catch on or not I have no idea. I’m sure Deadman fans will tune in but will it have enough broad appeal? Only time will tell. Keep it here for more.