arts graphics 2008 1132832a 241x300 Josh Brolin to star in <i>Oldboy</i> RemakeEvery once in a while, we get a film out of the Asian market that is a one-of-a-kind; one that can not be missed. For instance, a lot of folks have been into The Hunger Games series, but did you know there is a film called Battle Royale that has a very simialr premise and is a very entertianing, yet violent, film. Oldboy is also one of those films. The story is very interesting and provides a nice little twist at the end. The film provides for two very memorable scenes: an incredible fight scene that was filmed in one shot and one of the most bone chilling moments I have ever seen on film.

When it was announced that Spike Lee would be taking on a remake of the film, I had my reservations and still do, but the inclusion of Josh Brolin makes me a bit more receptive to this idea. The story revolves around a man who is kidnapped on the day his daughter is born, whith no knowledge of why he was improsoned. He is held captive for 20 years and upon his release, he is given 2 days to figure out what he did wrong to be held for so long or his daughter would be killed.

According to :

Brolin will topline the Mandate Pictures redo, which begins production in March. Brolin, who just wrapped Men in Black 3 with Will Smith, next begins work on Warner Bros’ Gangster Squad. It looks like he’ll squeeze in Oldboy before shooting Jason Reitman’s Labor Day opposite Kate Winslet; that movie is set to begin production in June.

If Spike Lee stays true to the original story even the slightest bit, the he will have a sure hit on his hands. The inclusion of a versatile actor like Brolin only pushes this further in the right direction. Will Smith was originally rumored to be up for the role, when Steven Spielberg was attached to helm the film. Brolin will be able to bring the roughness that will be required to pull this off.