superman flyby concept art 04 300x262 Superman Goes Sans Red Trunks!When the first image of Henry Cavill as  Superman was releases a few weeks ago, many question whether or not the iconic red trunks were present. But due tot he angle and the darkness of the shot, no one could really see for sure. Well, we now have confirmation that Supes will be featured sans red trunks in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel film thanks to some imaged that were featured on the film’s official page.  The images, which can be seen below, also give us our first glimpse of the villainess Faora, who is General Zod’s right-hand woman who also happens to be a man-hating murderer from Krypton,which should make for some good fun.

Fans of the comics know that this is a big deal in the comic book universe as it will mark the first time we’ve seen Superman without his red trunks on any sort of screen, big or small. The suit looks to be modeled after now defunct Superman Flyby, which was JJ Abrams version of a Superman film from several years ago. That suit is pictured to the right. Take a look at the images below and tell us what you think!