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Lost Season 4 DVD Review

Lost Season 4 DVD Review

I got an early sneak peak at Lost Season 4 on DVD and wanted to share the specs and my personal take on the box set. For those wondering I am a massive fan of this series which although long winded and often confusing is one of the best shows on the boob tube today.  [...]

Dark Knight DVD / BluRay Review

Dark Knight is a really small movie that hardly anyone went and saw but it is still quite deserving of a little recognition. You smell that? That is what you call some B.S baby. Dark Knight made over $975million at the box office with $13.50 of that being mine when you include the over inflated [...]

Wanted 2 Disc DVD Review

The best way to sum up wanted is with the words ‘Holy Shit’. This is effectively the coolest damn movie I have seen in quite some time. The movie firmly blows past the days of George Clooney and Val Kilmer playing batman and the heart throb of the week putting on tights to play a hero. [...]

Hancock Unrated DVD Review

I went out and picked up a copy of HANCOCK on DVD to buy this week and ended up getting the un-rated version of course. Hancock made $600million at the box office so I had high expectations for the film. The fact the cast is outstanding also made me want to see it. You really [...]