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Dark Knight Sequel Casts ‘Robin’

Dark Knight Sequel Casts ‘Robin’

Ok I am pretty damn shocked at this but according to IMDB Cody Sousa is going to be starring in Dark Knight 2 and he will be playing the role of Robin. IMDB is not always the most accurate but they currently have this young and pretty much unknown actor listed to star in Batman [...]

Dark Knight 2 Release Date Set!

Its been long talked about and often speculated but finally we have the release date for the upcoming Dark Knight 2! Warner Brothers plans to release “Batman 3″ on July 20, 2012 in 3D! Checkout the first fan poster for the film below! Their plans were to have The Joker also be in The Dark [...]

Morgan Freeman Talks Dark Knight Sequel

Morgan Freeman recently talked to MTV about the forthcoming sequel to Dark Knight and discussed Christopher Nolan and his potential return. He told them; “I know—I just know—that Chris is working on number three,” Morgan Freeman told MTV News. “He couldn’t possibly not be.” But Freeman made clear that’s he not operating with any sort [...]

Dark Knight Sequel Script on Ebay

In interesting news it seems that the script for The Dark Knight sequel is up on Ebay and available for your purchase. I am kinda surprised their is a completed script to even circulate but it seems that one in some form is available. To go and bid and empty your piggy bank on this [...]

Miley Cyrus as Bat Girl in Dark Knight Sequel?

I am calling no way on this one. According to Miley Cyrus auditioned for Bat Girl in full costume for Warner Brothers and impressed the hell out of them. She is trying to make a move to mainstream fare and less kiddy stuff and what better way then with Christopher Nolan and Dark Knight [...]

Dark Knight Sequel Talk…. Its Stalled

Its safe to say all fan boys are excited for a sequel to Dark Knight. It seems however according to Batman On Film we may be waiting awhile for it. David Goyer, Chris and Jonathon Nolan are developing an idea for the film but they are looking at  2012 or 2013 start date. Their plans [...]

Sam Worthington Replacing Bale as Batman?

I am calling BS on this story right off the bat. The Herald Sun is indicating that industry rumors are circulating that Sam Worthington will replace Christian Bale in the upcoming Dark Knight Sequel. I will admit that Sam Worthington is as good if not a better actor then Bale but why would they replace [...]

Dark Knight Sequel in 2011

It would seem that the Dark Knight sequel is finally gearing up. In an interview with the Courier Post Producer Michael Uslan revealed that the film is slated for 2011. This should come as no shock considering all the talk and discussion and how much money Dark Knight made. The big debate now is what [...]

Eddie Murphy Denies Riddler Role in Batman Sequel

Eddie Murphy denied today the rumor that he would be playing The Riddler in the upcoming Dark Knight Sequel. The rumor was he would play the Riddler and Shia Labeouf was going to play Robin with Rachel Weisz playing Catwoman. The fact that Eddie Murphy took the time to deny a blatant BS rumor is [...]

Rachel Weisz To play Cat Woman in Dark Knight?

According to E-Online Christian Bale is very much attached to do the film which is not really that big of news since we already knew that he was signed but hey it is Dark Knight news. Seems this go around they will be bringing back the nipple suit; “Despite some recent interviews in which he [...]

Dark Knight Director Still not Sold on Sequel

In an interview with USA Today Christopher Nolan was once again talking about a potential sequel to Dark Knight. He once again was repeating what he has said in the past that he is not willing to do a sequel ‘to make a buck’. But will instead only do it if it does justice to [...]

Chris Nolan Talks Dark Knight Sequel

Chris Nolan talked with the LA Times about the upcoming Dark Knight sequel that we all know is coming and made a big point of the story. It has to have a story element that works. That said if Chris wont do it … Warner Brothers will do it without him no question There are [...]

Dark Knight Sequel Rumor Sqashed

MTV caught up with David Goyer who co-wrote Dark Knight who says all the falk of the Dark Knight Sequel being under way.. is complete crap. “It’s all B.S.,” [Goyer] said. “ALL of it.” That means, no, Nolan has not signed on (yet). No, there is no casting, let alone TALK, of villains, and, no, [...]

Christopher Nolan Officially On Board for Dark Knight Sequel

Production Weekly which is basically variety for us so called journalists is saying that Christopher Nolan is attached to direct the upcoming Dark Knight sequel which has begun pre-production in Chicago. This comes as no shock since Christopher Nolan is a genius and has re-invented one of my all time favorite comic book characters and ressurected [...]

Dark Knight Sequel Begins Production

Batman on Film has declared the Dark Knight sequel production has begun. Naming sources in Chicago that are working on the sequel the site says that crews are gearing up to prepare for the upcoming sequel to the near billion dollar film Dark Knight.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman talks Dark Knight 2

Finally we hear from Mr Hoffman on all the rumors that he is going to be playing The Penguin in the Dark Knight sequel. MTV got to talk to him and yes as expected.. he hasnt been approached. Which means Michael Caines comments yesterday were not at all true. “No one has talked to me [...]

Fantastic Riddler Movie Poster

Below you can checkout a simply put FANTASTIC fan poster for the upcoming Dark Knight sequel via the cool cats at LatinoReview. You will recall Johnny Depp is rumored to be the one to play The Riddler in the sequel. Depp in a recent newspaper interview said he would love to do it but hasnt [...]

Brian Austin Green as The Riddler in Dark Knight Sequel?

Brian Austin Green told MTV he would love to play The Riddler in the upcoming Dark Knight sequel and we bloggers are so desperate for news about Dark Knight we are writing about it and speculating. Brian Austin Green is best known for his work on 90210. So its no SHOCK he wants to play [...]

David Goyer talks Dark Knight Sequel

In an interview with the really cool folks at DigitalSpy David Goyer talked about the inevitable sequel to Dark Knight. There was discussion about the next potential villain and he made it clear it wont be Penguin or Cat Woman; “Batman has been published for 70 years. In the first movie, we used Ra’s Al [...]