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Hulk, Cloak & Dagger to Become TV Series

Hulk, Cloak & Dagger to Become TV Series

Just like DC Comics is doinf with its Wonder Woman franchise, Marvel Television, Marvel Studio’s TV division, is looking to bring the Hulk back to the small screnn with a new television series for ABC. Many will remember the series that was done for CBS, which ran from 1978-1982 and starred Bill Bixby and Lou [...]

Mark Ruffalo To Play Hulk, No CGI HULK In Avengers

Mark Ruffalo To Play Hulk, No CGI HULK In Avengers

Ok so not entirely fair to say no CGI Hulk but for the first time ever somebody is really going to play the HULK not just Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo told VULTURE that they are going to take advantage of the technology used in Avatar to allow him to really be The Hulk. “I’m really [...]

Edward Norton Responds to Hulk Re-Casting

Edward Norton Responds to Hulk Re-Casting

Earlier in the week Marvel announced Edward Norton would not be back and frankly I felt that what they said about Edward Norton made him sound difficult and not a team player. Edward Norton posted the following response on his facebook to Marvels statement;

Edward Norton Replaced as HULK in Avengers

Kevin Feige has told HitFix that the rumors of Edward Norton being replaced in the upcoming Avengers movie are true. It has been doing the rounds on the web for a few days now that Norton would not play HULK in Avengers despite his eagerness to do so. Kevin Feige tells hitfix; We have made [...]

Planet Hulk Movie Specs

Based On The Popular Planet Hulk Comic Line And One Of The Best Hulk Stories Ever Written Comes The Most Incredible Marvel Animated Feature Yet!   On behalf of Marvel Animated Features and Lionsgate Home Entertainment, we’re excited to present the release of the highly anticipated Planet Hulk on Blu-Ray and 2-Disc Special EditionDVD February 2nd!  [...]

Xmen Origins Magneto Trailer

Below you can checkout a fantastic trailer for X-Men Origins Magneto… all be it a fan made one. The plot for the Magneto movie goes like this (courtesy of the telegraph); “The original X-Men film began with a prologue that showed the character as a child being led to a concentration camp by Nazis and that is the [...]

Captain America Movie to Setup Avengers Film

joe Quesada from MARVEL revealed at Comic Con NY that the upcoming Captain America movie will blow our socks off and is being written to specifically setup an awesome avengers movie. I am pretty excited for a Captain American movie and it will be pretty hard to fail. If they can tie it to a [...]

Edward Norton talks Hulk Villain in Avengers movie

In an interview with MTV Edward Norton brought forward some great points on why a HULK villain in the upcoming Avengers movie not only works.. but would kick ass. Clearly to keep fan interest they will have to make him a hero / villain and introduce some other villain as well similar to how the [...]

Hulk Confirmed for Avengers?

In a video interview which you can watch below from Youtube Lou Ferrigno has confirmed that HULK will indeed appear in the Avengers movie and Lou Ferrigno will be involved. This is not a huge shock since we have speculated for awhile now that HULK would be in the movie and even the director has [...]

Behind the Scenes Video: Clash of the Titans

Below you can checkout a slick behind the scenes video for the making of Clash of the Titans starring new ‘IT’ actor Sam Worthington. In “Clash of the Titans,” the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of [...]

Don Cheadle Talks Iron Man 2, Hulk Cameo

In a video interview with MTV Don Cheadle has a laugh and talks about a potential HULK cameo in the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. There is alot of speculation of a HULK cameo as Iron Man 2 will tie to the Avengers movie which is being worked on. watch the video clip below. Sorry [...]

Planet Hulk Trailer

Lionsgate will be releasing the new animated movie Planet Hulk on DVD and Bluray in February of next year but at Comic Con they debuted the brand new trailer for the film. Visually it looks very good and to be one of their better animated films. I think Lionsgate does a far better job then [...]

Jon Favreau talks Iron Man 3 & Avengers Movie

At Comic Con Jon Favreau laid to rest the rumors that The Avengers movie would somehow be Iron Man 3. There’s an Iron Man 3. Here’s how I know. When they make the option deals, they include Iron Man 3. So I know they’re planning on 3. Whether that would be before or after Avengers, [...]

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Featuring Stan Lee Cameo

Activision Publishing, Inc. announced today that beloved comic book legend Stan Lee will make his first onscreen videogame cameo in the highly anticipated Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, slated for release this September. Lee lends his likeness and voice to a character whose role is pivotal to the game’s storyline, which incorporates elements of the acclaimed [...]

Dantes Inferno Comic, First Look from Comic Con

Visceral Games™, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced a collaboration with DC Comics/WildStorm to develop a comic book mini-series based on Dante’s Inferno™, EA’s video game adaptation of part one of “The Divine Comedy.” The comic will make its world debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego from July 23 – [...]

Thor is Cast its Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth the Australian actor who plays George Kirk has been cast to play Thor. This is an interesting casting choice and although Chris will have to pack on the muscles he does have the cut sharp jaw for the role.  Kevin Feige the big chief at Marvel Studios sat down with EMPIRE to spill [...]

Kevin Feige Talks Avengers Movie

I really enjoyed Iron Man and I am pretty damn excited for Avengers if its done right. Since Jon Favreau is helming how cant it be? Kevin Feige head of Marel Studios revealed some new updates on the film to Empire telling them; “Zak Penn is already on board The Avengers [as writer] and he’s [...]

Update on the THOR Movie

Kevin Feige the big chief at Marvel Studios sat down with EMPIRE to spill the beans on the upcoming Thor movie which is getting ready to ramp up. He said they are looking to start casting key characters very soon; “We will probably be having cast announcements in the next month or so on Thor,” [...]

Avengers Movie Delayed for Favreau

AICN got word from a scooper that the whole reason Avengers is so delayed is two fold. They are waiting on money, ie financial problems and they are also waiting for Favreau who is kinda busy doing Iron Man 2; Avengers is delayed a year because of financing issues but also because the plan is [...]

Kevin Smith talks Avengers

Kevin Smith in a recent interview shared his views on the upcoming Avengers movie. He thinks the film has alot of potential if done right and I tend to agree. I think it’s gonna work, because the studio is into it, and the lynchpin (Downey) seems grateful to Marvel for affording him the opportunity for [...]

Dark Knight Battles Iron Man for Oscar

It has been one hell of a year for Comic Book movies. Iron man, Incredible Hulk, WANTED, Dark Knight and Incredible Hulk to name a few. This years Oscars will see Dark Knight, Iron Man and Hellboy the Golden Army competing for the Visual FX trophy. The question becomes… who do you think will win [...]

New Hulk vs Trailer

Below from you can checkout a cool new trailer for Hulk vs the latest animated film from MARVEL that will go direct to DVD. I have seen alot of trailers for this upcoming animated feature and this is by far the best one that I have seen yet. Check it out below and tell [...]

X-Men Origins: Magneto Script is Awesome

The upcoming X-Men Origins: MAGNETO film is next on the block for going into mutant production at the studio and the producer revealed in an interview that they are very pleased with the script. Lauren Shuler Doner told indielondon; We have a great script on Magneto. I’ll tell you the honest truth… I’ve made four [...]

Robert Downey Jr Talks Avengers Movie

Robert spent some time with Splashpage to talk to them about the upcoming Avengers movie once again proving he is really interestd in doing justice to the comic book character Iron Man. He told them; “If we don’t get it right it’s really, really going to suck,” said Downey. “It has to be the crowning [...]

Hulk 2 Villain Revealed

From MTV we get word that the villain for Hulk 2 has been lined up and it is none other then The Leader who made his cameo debut in the first one as Mr Blue. I know Gale Ann was talking to you guys about that recently, and I liked hearing it,” beamed an enthusiastic [...]

Magneto Movie Plot Revealed… Again

Awhile back we revealed the plot for Magneto to you all thanks to Aaron Sims the character designer. No doubt he got his ass torn a new one right after he spilled the beans. Now Production Weekly has posted a similar outline. Production Weekly for those not in the know is what we bloggers use [...]

Hulk vs Thor Trailer

Below you can checkout the new Hulk vs Thor trailer from marvel. Its a new animated film that is on the horizon. It unlike Hulk vs Wolverine though looks HORRIBLE. This will go down as one of the worst trailers I have seen in awhile. The plot goes like so; It’s gods versus monsters in [...]

New Incredible Hulk Deleted Scene: Betty & Bruce

Our rampage of clips for Incredible Hulk continues. This go around we have a deleted scene from the dvd. This deleted scene features Betty and Bruce. Check it out below and remember Hulk will be on DVD October 21st and BluRay October 24th.

Creating The Hulk & Abominable Videos

From the studio we have two new really cool dvd clips for Incredible Hulk. The first one features the making of HULK from a CGI stand point and the second one delves into creating Abominable. Its some really interesting stuff for those of you who are into the making of aspects of film making. Check [...]

Incredible Hulk BluRay Release Delayed

The studio just shot us a line to let us know that the BluRay release of Incredible Hulk has been delayed to October 24th. No reason was given but considering its such a short delay it can not be anything to serious. Perhaps just a issue with suppliers not getting enough discs done in time. [...]