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Machete Sequel Has a Script

Machete Sequel Has a Script

Despite it’s rather lack-luster Box Office performance, director Robert Rodriguez has already got a script for Machete Kills ready to go. While talking with BloodyDisgusting, the star of the film Danny Trejo spilled the beans about the sequel. “I asked him when he was going to write it and he says it’s written, so we [...]

Sin City 2 Shooting this Year?

Its been awhile since we have heard much on Sin City 2 but we are hearing now from MTV that it may in fact start shooting this year. Its kind of surprising when you consider how busy Robert Rodriguez is. Rosario Dawson told MTV that the script is done and they are now working hard [...]

No Marv in Sin City 2 After All?

So just 2 days ago MTV was reporting that Marv would be back for a role in the upcoming Sin City 2 which is slated to start production in April. Now from the fine folks at SHH however comes word that it is questionable at best if he will return. He told them he is [...]

Mickey Rourke Returns for Sin City 2

Mickey Rourke is the definition of a bad ass actor. By no means a pretty boy anymore he made his big leap back into film with Sin City 2 and delivered as ‘Marv’ a sh*t talking ass kicking giant  of a man who loved to crush skulls and ‘hurt people’. Mickey Rourke tells MTV news [...]

Rosario Dawson Says Sin City 2 is a Go

IESB caught up with Rosario Dawson who revealed that after much delay and hoopla Sin City 2 is ready to rock and roll and will being shooting in April with her reprising the role of the fish net wearing Gail. And let me just add that she was totally born to wear that outfit. If [...]

Full Trailer For The Spirit

The new trailer that is being yanked offline by Lionsgate everywhere is still up over at Film School Rejects. Now I just got done watching the trailer and I have to say I’m not really impressed. It kind of looks like Sin City 2 only I doubt Sin City 2 will look this bad. It [...]

Frank Miller Addresses The Spirit Fan Concerns

On the production Blog Frank Miller talks about the upcoming movie The Spirit, fans concerns over it and the fact that some are calling it ‘Sin City 2′. Read below what Frank had to say; TO MY READERS: Much has been the fuss in the comics’ blogosphere about my SPIRIT movie—much justified, much hoped for, [...]