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Dog Looks Like The Terminator!

Dog Looks Like The Terminator!

Holy crap, this is amazing!  On The Daily What, they shared the story of a dog that survived a house fire, leaving him with scars to his face, trunk, and legs as seen in the photos below.  As a result of the fire, this dog, of the taciturn Akita breed, now looks like a canine Terminator.  T-9 anyone [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Looking To Possible Terminator Remake

Arnold Schwarzenegger Looking To Possible Terminator Remake

With his term as Governor of California up, action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it known to agents and movie-makers in Hollywood that he still has what it takes to bring in moviegoers and is interested in reentering the acting biz.  Speculation in Hollywood has centered around the Governator possibly signing on to a sixth [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 2 The Opera!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 2 The Opera!

I challenge you not to laugh your ass off while watching this new music video made by Jon and Al Kaplan. The video titled Terminator 2 The Opera features footage from Terminator thrown against an operatic sound track with the muscle bound governor himself Arnold Schwarzenegger singing. Well ok clearly he didnt participate but it sure sounds [...]

Terminator 3000 Runs Into Slight Permission Issue

Terminator 3000 Runs Into Slight Permission Issue

So yesterday we told you that Hanover House had plans to make a $700million sequel for Terminator. Their sequel was going to incorporate the characters from the very first film. The animated PG13 film was going to be titled Terminator 3000 and it just ran into a slight snag. Apparently nobody bothered to consult with [...]

New Animated PG 13 Terminator Movie Coming

New Animated PG 13 Terminator Movie Coming

I was not a fan of Terminator Salvation. I wanted to love that film but felt that Christian Bale fell flat and although the concept was good it was poorly executed and the entire film suffered despite Sam Worthingtons great efforts. Today through a press release Hanover House has announced a brand new Terminator movie [...]

Two New Clash of the Titans Posters

More poster magic from Yahoo. This go around we have two new posters for Sam Worthingtons Clash of the Titans. I just finished watching Terminator Salvation the Directors cut and I can not say it enough…. Sam worthington kicked ass in that movie. In “Clash of the Titans,” the ultimate struggle for power pits men [...]

Behind the Scenes Video: Clash of the Titans

Below you can checkout a slick behind the scenes video for the making of Clash of the Titans starring new ‘IT’ actor Sam Worthington. In “Clash of the Titans,” the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of [...]

New Voltron, Street Fighter Motion Comics Coming

Macomb, MI. Eagle One Media announced today details of an agreement with Starz Media’s Manga Entertainment to make animated motion comic productions of Street Fighter, based on the CAPCOM video games, and Voltron: Defender of the Universe, based on the worldwide popular anime TV series, available for broadcast and digital download distribution. Both motion comic [...]

2009 Scream Awards Comic Book Nominations

The Scream Awards are back again and below you can checkout the complete list of comic book related films that got the nod for the 2009 Spike TV Scream Awards. Vote for your favorites at the link; THE ULTIMATE SCREAM-”Star Trek”-”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”BEST FANTASY MOVIE-”Watchmen”-”X-Men Origins: Wolverine”BEST SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE -”Knowing”-”Star Trek”-”Terminator Salvation”-”Transformers: [...]

Terminator Salvation DVD Specs

From SONY comes the Bluray and DVD Specs for Terminator Salvation. Make note the fact that we do not actually have word on any DVD extras but lots of Bluray stuff. Seems we may be getting a bare bones dvd release of Terminator Salvation. The Blu-ray edition of TERMINATOR SALVATION features two behind the scenes [...]

Megan Fox Runs in New Transformers Poster

Megan Fox Runs in New Transformers Poster

Below you can checkout a brand new international poster for Transformers Reven of the Fallen where Megan Fox runs. Let me sum up Transformers 2 very quickly. Giant Robots, lots of explosions, silly one liners, and Megan Fox’s very lovely breasts. There you have it. Oh and a little bit of plot on the site. [...]

New Megan Fox Photos, Transformers 2

Below you can checkout 3 new images for the upcoming Transformers Revenge of the Fallen featuring Megan Fox and a few of the other cast members. Now that I have already seen Terminator Salvation and enjoyed it immensely the only other big blockbuster I have to look forward to at this point is Transformers Revenge [...]

Terminator Salvation Machinama Series

Halcyon Games, a division of The Halcyon Company along with Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced the first full length Machinima series titled “Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series.”  Produced in association with McG, director of “Terminator Salvation,” and Machinima Inc., this six part series utilizes real time computer animation generated from the [...]

Terminator Salvation Review

I went last night to partake in the glorious block buster magic that is Terminator Salvation. I was invited by Warner Brothers to an early screening and was instructed to not review it until Wednesday. Wed is now here and so is my review. Terminator Salvation caps off the Terminator Franchise in Glorious style and [...]

Christian Bale Video Interview Terminator Salvation

It should come as no surrpise to you all that I am a massive Terminator fan since every chance I get I am talking about it. Below you can watch a video interview where Christian Bale talks about his role as John Conner in Terminator Salvation. In the interview he also talks about working along [...]

Nine new Terminator Salvation Clips

If you had any doubts before on how cool this movie would be… your doubts shall now be quelled. From the studio we have 9 new clips for Terminator Salvation that are best summed up as… absolutely kick ass. Watch them all below. Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, Christian Bale stars as John Connor, the man fated [...]

McG Reveals Shocking Terminator Salvation Ending

McG was nice enough to spoil the ending of Terminator Salvation in an interview with I09. It is however worth noting the ending he has spoiled is the alternate ending. The ending sounds very cool but frankly it still pisses me off that he revealed it. If they were at all considerate they would have [...]

Terminator Salvation Game, Combat Trailer

Below you can checkout a brand new and pretty spiffy combat trailer for the Terminator Salvation game. I have to say it reminds me combat wise of Gears of War and that is by no means a bad thing as you should all know. Based on the upcoming “Terminator Salvation” film, the game offers players [...]

Terminator 5 To Be Set in The Present?

McG is going to be pitting modern man against the Terminators in Terminator 5 according to the Film Journal. The current Terminator Salvation is in 2018 but the next one it seems will take us to 2011. From FilmJournal; “I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a [pre-Judgment Day] 2011,” [...]

Two More Terminator Salvation TV spots

Below you can watch two insane new TV Spots for Terminator Salvation which just aired. Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, Christian Bale stars as John Connor, the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the [...]

Fan Video: Christian Bale vs The Terminator

Below you can checkout an awful cool fan video of Batman going toe to toe with The Terminator. This fan video unlike a lot of video mashups is actually quite good. It features footage from Batman Begins, Dark Knight and the various Terminator films including Terminator Salvation to show what would happen if Batman took [...]

Terminator Salvation Extended Look on BONES

If you tune into BONES this wednesday you will get an extended sneak peak at the recently announced PG13 take on Terminator. Terminator Salvation which stars Worthington and Christian Bale even with a PG 13 rating is definitely high on my list of must see movies. The preview which will air on BONES will feature [...]

Terminator Salvation Trading Cards

Terminator Salvation, the latest installment in the Terminator movie saga, will be showcased in an all-new Topps card collection. The highly anticipated movie, set during post-apocalyptic times, stars Christian (The Dark Knight) Bale as human resistance leader John Conner. Warner Bros. is premiering the film on Memorial Day weekend, supported by a marketing and promotional [...]

New International Wolverine Poster

Below you can checkout a spiff new poster for the upcoming Wolverine. This is an international poster and a big shiney donut hole to anyone who can figure out what language it is. I will be willing to bet its not Vulcan or Klingon. Thanks to PosterGeek for the poster. Wolverine is a movie I [...]

New Terminator Poster Brings Destruction

Below from PosterGeek we have a spiffy new poster for the upcoming Terminator Salvation. The posters for this film have been pretty cool and this one proves that not even a Terminator is safe from the wrath of John Connor. More terminator madness as we get it!

Marcus and Connor Beat Down a Terminator

Below we have a brand new photo of John Connor and Marcus from the upcoming Terminator Salvation giving a Terminator the Beat Down. I like the photo but I question whether its a scene from the movie or just some sweet photoshopping to get us all hopped up for robot blood! The photo comes courtesy of [...]

New Connor Salvation Poster

Below from PosterGeek we have us a brand new poster for the upcoming Terminator Salvation. This one features John Connor all decked out to kick some robot ass. They seem to be unleashing various 1 sheets featuring different characters. The last one we got featured a terminator which was ‘ok’ but this one I like [...]

Wonder Woman Movie Gaining Steam?

There has been not alot of talk as of late of Wonder Woman. The last update we heard was that McG who is currently wrapping up Terminator Salvation was in talks to direct it. That did not exactly excite me all that much. Today comes word from IESB that apparently the project is starting to [...]

Sam Worthington Replacing Bale as Batman?

I am calling BS on this story right off the bat. The Herald Sun is indicating that industry rumors are circulating that Sam Worthington will replace Christian Bale in the upcoming Dark Knight Sequel. I will admit that Sam Worthington is as good if not a better actor then Bale but why would they replace [...]

New Terminator Salvation Trailer Arrives

Below you can checkout the insane new trailer for Terminator Salvation and it is both wet in your pants exciting as well as upsetting. it gives away alot of massive plot points I figured they would have wanted to keep under wraps until the film actually hit theatres. Watch the trailer below and tell me [...]