We’re Hiring!

Do you love comics? Do you love film? Do you fill your days watching the latest scifi movies and staying up to date on the latest scifi and comic book news? Well if so your in luck because we want you to join our team. ReelComix.com is a site devoted to all things geek with reviews, trailers, news, editorials and more. We are looking to add bloggers with experience using WordPress to make an already rad siteā€¦ even better.

Although at this time the job is a volunteer one I expect it will become a paid one once we get truly up and running.  If you are interested in blogging for the site send an email to with some information on yourself and your interests/experience as a blogger. Some key things to keep in mind

  • You must have experience with wordpress
  • You must be able to contribute regular updates in the form of news or editorial
  • The position at this time is voluntary ( but with perks like free stuff ) with the goal of making it paid.
  • Experience is not required but is a bonus!

the dark knight 10 Were Hiring!